n/a studio

N/A studio is a ready-to-wear clothing brand created by Quentin Ung and Chloé Coppola, which rewrites the usual codes of technical clothing to create playful and urban pieces. N/A stands for non attributed, no answer, as a symbol of neutrality. These are clothes for all bodies, whatever they may be. Associating silhouettes to a standard seems obsolete, N/A Studio is part of a project where fashion, art and performance are closely linked, in the service of creating non-genre and authentic clothes. For the classic line, N/A uses up to 80% recycled fabrics and produces in mini series to limit overproduction. The Study from garment line is entirely created from upcycled clothing to give birth to unique creations that express the values of N/A studio. Thanks to its porous borders, fashion is a means of expression with unlimited potential. N/A proposes a unique fashion experience, diverting norms and erasing traditional dress codes, in order to allow everyone to wear clothing creatively and according to their personality.